Dallas David Ochoa on 99.1 FM - Portland Radio Project - "Sound Tasting" w/ Marti Mendenhall

99.1 FM - Portland Radio Project, Portland, OR


Join us Friday, February 9th at 2 p.m. for Sound Tasting: Episode 5, featuring Dallas David Ochoa. Listen live at 99.1 FM in the heart of Portland – or online anywhere at PRP.fm.

This week on Sound Tasting, listen to the live show for a chance to text-to-win! The prizes include the winner’s name on the guest list for free entry, a copy of Dallas David Ochoa’s new EP and CJ Hawley’s new EP, a McMenamins gift card for food and/or drinks. All prizes will be given to the winner at the show on Sunday Feb. 18th. Show starts at 7pm.

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