9/9 - 9/15 - LIVE @ McMenamins Al's Den (7 Night Residency) - Portland, OR

Our 7 night residency was such a great experience !!! Thanks first and foremost to Alex Wideman for having us and to the staff at McMenamins Al's Den & Ringlers Annex and The Crystal Hotel for being so hospitable.

Doug Marrapodi and I are so thankful and humbled that we were able to share the stage for most of the week with the mind-blowing Dave Rosenberg and Rich Landar of This Years Model, Elvis Costello Tribute. You both turned this music into a 4-headed psychedelic funk ...monster! Let's do it again very soon!

Thanks to all of the special guests that joined us each night: Sam Densmore, Curtis Hawley, Julie Mayfield, Lauren Kershner, Complimentary Colors, Winter's Mark, When We Met, The Van Rontens, Athena Frost, Laura Chase !! You guys rocked and made the week a truly memorable experience. -- and a huge thanks to the fine folks that came out and jammed with us each night supporting live music!

Photography by the talented Kim Murray !! Thank you so much for capturing some awesome moments.

2/18/18 - LIVE @ McMenamins White Eagle - Portland, OR - EP RELEASE SHOW!

Thanks to everyone that braved the weather and came out to our dual EP release show at McMenamins The White Eagle and packed the place on Sunday. It was a blast!

A big thanks to Alex Wideman and Josh Nielsen of Fraudulent Artists for booking the event and making it happen. Thanks to CJ Hawley for coming up with this brainchild of an idea with me many moons ago and for just being a class guy every step of this process. Fun fun musical times with more to come I hope! 🤘Thanks to Dolan Zackery Leckliter for starting off the show in the right way with some killer songs.

Thanks to the great players that rocked with me that evening - Drummer Jeff Bissett & Bassist Brian Austin Mejía. 🥁🎸

Thanks to Marti Mendenhall, 🌶️ Jenna KM Deml, AJ, Inessa Anderson, Portland Radio Project & Uncle Scotty from Radio Hot Tub / Freeform Portland for promoting the show in the most creative of ways and THANKS SO MUCH for playing my music. You are all the best of the best!


11/14/17 - LIVE @ Ash Street Saloon - Portland, OR

Last night was my final performance at the legendary Ash Street Saloon in downtown Portland. I'm glad I was able to play there one last time before they shut down - Thanks again Barret C. Stolte.

The sound man, Nicholas Matta did an incredible job and the other artists on the bill brought the energy, skill, and good-time vibes for sure! - Chad Nishioka Amy Bleu Kevin Raybon Mike Teal Kyle Page ...& Thanks to the A/V visionary, Matt Ressler, for recording and snapping some photos... ❤️ for Ash Street.

10/21/17 - LIVE @ Thunder Island Brewing Co. - Cascade Locks, OR

Thunder Island's 4 Year Anniversary Party was awesome last night! In spite of the rain and landslides, music-loving people came out to enjoy a diverse lineup of acts all day. I'm honored to be a little part of Thunder Island's history. I always have a blast playing there.

Thanks to the staff and everyone that made the show such a success.

The dream weavers: David Lipps Caroline Park Jeremy Bechtel

The architects of sound and light: Mike Johnson Marcus Caton Matt Ressler

LIVE @ Uptown Pub - Newport, OR

Tonight was my first show on the coast at Uptown Pub in Newport, OR opening up for Newport-based Jam band, Sweet Butter. Thanks to Dan Strom for the hospitality and for doing such a great job on sound tonight -  My guitar never sounded better! Thanks to the extremely talented musicians from Sweet Butter for letting me kickoff the party.

10/14/17 - LIVE @ Pizzario - Hillsboro, OR

I had an awesome time hanging with Renaissance man Mike Soto and the amazingly talented songwriter Gayle Ritt last night at Pizzario. The staff is top notch. I have to give a big shout-out to Andrea for constantly refilling my glass all night. -- and thanks to the fine folks that came by and hung out during my 3 hour set. Definitely check out Pizzario. They have expertly crafted a relaxing music-focused ambiance here.

9/15/17 - LIVE @ La Panza Cafe - Portland, OR

9/3/17 - LIVE @ Walking Man Brewing - Stevenson, WA

What a great night of music yesterday at Walking Man Brewing. Thanks so much to Tabatha Wiggins and the fine folks at the brewery for making this such a success. Thanks to the artists that traveled near and far to be a part of this show: Disputanta, CJ Hawley, J.m. Gatewood, Beth Gunnyon.

During the show we were able to collect $125 to be donated to the Eagle Creek fire relief !!! Everyone that showed up to jam with us and show their support for our community are amazing !!! The fires are still going so please keep those effected by this disaster in your thoughts.

Donate if you can.

8/12/17 - LIVE @ Stevenson Waterfront Music Festival - Skunk Brothers Distillery Lounge - Stevenson, WA

I want to thank everyone that came down to the Stevenson Waterfront Music Festival last night and packed the place! Thanks to the amazing staff at Clark and Lewie's and Skunk Brothers Spirits for hosting and serving some killer drinks A big thanks to Julie Mayfield for the invite and for organizing such an amazing event with so many great artists! 

6/10/17 - LIVE @ Ash Street Saloon - Portland, OR

Thanks to the guys in My Siamese Twin for inviting us to open for them! They are a great band and class guys. Thanks again to Kim Murray for taking some killer photos and John Lillegard for making another great art piece for this show. Thanks to Matt Ressler for the audio recording and snapshots.

A special thanks goes out to Barret C. Stolte for making this show happen and to Heather for the excellent sound and lighting!!

6/6/17 - LIVE @ Thunder Island Brewing Co. - Cascade Locks, OR

Thanks to Soundman Extraordinaire Mike Johnson for lending us his talent for the evening! Thanks to Kim Murray for the great photos she took at the show! Thanks to John Lillegard for the Original Art/Poster he made for this show! Thanks to Nicholas Lacunha for starting the evening off right with a great set of original songs!

Thanks to David Lipps and Caroline Park at Thunder Island Brewing Company for making the whole evening possible!