Dallas' music has always captured my ear and moved me in ways that no other music does. It’s fun, but intense, harmonically fascinating yet not over the top. Music should make you think and feel and his collection 'In Tatters' does both very well.”

Dave Preston (guitarist for Jake Shimabukuro / Dearling / Matt Morris)

Dallas David Ochoa's newest EP 'In Tatters' is a lush soundscape of electronic ear candy, sweetened by Dallas' crystalline vocals and rhythmic guitar.”

Lauren Kershner (writer for Willamette Week)

Dallas bends the singer/songwriter genre with his aggressive guitar playing, catchy hooks, quirky outlook, and surprises around every corner... a truly unique and visionary talent.”

Cass Anawaty (producer/engineer/owner - Sunbreak Music)

Classical deftness, funky workouts, dark folky undertones, pop sass and flamenco flourishes all get their turn ... Direct, infectious, joyous abandon... How can you not like this guy?”

A&R Factory

I can’t even properly categorize the genre! It’s a mix of acoustic rock, funk, pop, and R&B, and when combined with Dallas’ vocals the closest sound it brings to my mind is Prince… it’s hard not to smile.”

— Brandon Schmidt (founder/writer - The Indie Mine)